Free Comedy Shows

For a night full of laughs and good times, there’s nothing quite like attending a comedy or stand up show. At these locations, not only can you attend a hilarious show, you can also attend for FREE. That’s right, here are some free comedy shows to enjoy in Los Angeles. And if you’re traveling to see these top-rated shows, make sure you stay at the comfortable Best Western Los Angeles location. The Blind Barber Secret Show is quite the enigma when it comes to businesses. By day, the building is a barbershop, by night it’s a speakeasy. Every Monday night enjoy a free night of stand up comedy. On most Monday’s there are two shows, one at 7:30pm and one at 10pm. As the show has grown in popularity, the Blind Barber Secret Show has gotten some big name comedians to attend as well such as Adam Ferrara from Comedy Central and even DAve Chappelle. The Blind Barber is located at 10797 W. Washington Blvd in Culver City. Comedy Living Room started a few years ago when three roommates had the great idea to host a comedy show for friends right in their living room. The word got out, the show grew in popularity and now, while the show still remains true to its intimate beginnings, the show has moved on to the Lab at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Club. The shows are still free and the doors open at 7:30pm, show starts at 8:30pm. For more information on the show, visit If you’re thinking that The Pleasure Chest sounds like an innuendo, it’s because it is. The Pleasure Chest is a sex toy emporium that hosts a free comedy once every two weeks. Not only is the show free, but free beer is served as well. Performance Anxiety is the name of the show and the set has had comedians perform such as Chelsea Peretti, Nick Kroll, Adam Pally and Anthony Jeselnik from Comedy Central. The Pleasure Chest is located at 7733 Santa Monica Blvd.  
Free Laughs in Los Angeles
Get your laugh on at the Blind Barber Show, Comedy Living Room and the Pleasure Chest.
Los Angeles, CA

Jan 26, 2017